Acadia Friends Meeting (Quakers)

We meet on Sundays year-round at 9:00 a.m. in the fireplace room, Neighbor-hood House (at the far end of Main Street), Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, ME.

We sit in a circle of worshipful silence without an appointed minister. That role is shared by Friends when the spirit moves them to speak and they feel it would be appropriate.

Occasionally, one of us will deliver a brief message from his or her spiritual depths. The rest remain silent in an attitude of inward listening, without making any comment or response.

If others then deliver a message of their own, they take care to leave a respectful pause of several minutes between speakers to ensure that preceding messages receive the consideration they deserve.

Near the rise of meeting at 10:00 a.m., the clerk opens a period for open sharing of our joys and concerns in which all have an opportunity to speak, typically holding a person or cause in the light of special concern.
The clerk concludes Meeting for Worship by holding hands with those seated on either side, who simultaneously complete the circle by clasping hands with their neighbors. The clerk welcomes all, gives his or her name and place of residence, shares announcements, then invites those around the circle to do the same.
After the circle, Friends socialize, often with simple refreshments provided by members.

                  Please feel free to ask questions.

You will say, Christ says this, and the apostles say this, but what can you say?
                                       - George Fox, founding Quaker, (updated)

When people become Quakers, they join a particular monthly meeting, in our case, Acadia Friends Meeting (AFM). As a group, we are drawn together in worship by a broad spectrum of beliefs. Here, our meeting speaks:

I see Quakers as community activists for world peace, unity with nature, equality, and social justice. sp

I seek continuing revelation while listening to God and others gathered in worship. I find joy in sharing answers to life’s profound questions. pk

 Quaker worship is being in the presence of God, seeking His will for me. The messages I receive may be ‘heard’ internally or externally, or may be observed in the choices others make as they live into God’s will. mb
 We are seekers of “eternal truth” acknowledging that we can only know it incompletely. Jesus taught us to care for all, including our enemies. George Fox taught us to look within ourselves for inner truth and guidance. cb

My Quaker faith continues to grow as I worship, talk with others, and study Friends writings. I believe Peace is the will of God. Continuing revelation shows me the way forward as I seek to do God's will for me in the world. es 

I come to meeting to be among old friends, to meet new ones, and to share a time for contemplation deep within each of us. dp
 Following the initial time interval for meditation, verbal interactions and companionship with Friends are necessary to my survival and continuing to pursue truth and learning. nk


I find in [AFM] a gentle, welcoming, inclusive group of seekers with whom I can sit in silence in order to tend to the inner work of faith and Spirit, and the outer work of practicing love and social justice in the world. Friends give me a glimpse of what Martin Luther King called “the beloved community.” wb
I come to sit in the circle of F/friends, feeling the warmth and love emanate from each person and the group as a whole. Sometimes pain, either emotional or physical, is transmitted and I try to direct the warmth in that direction. dl
Decisions of Acadia Friends Meeting for Business are made with agreement by all present. Financial ministry is to local charities, a Peace Award to a graduating high school senior, and wider Quaker organizations. db
AFM supports Friends of Kakamega, joining Kenyan Quaker women to help orphans and form a joyful family across cultures. jbb
What draws me to Meeting is sitting in silence with like-minded and different-minded people. bm
I go to Meeting seeking for God to give me a message about the issues where I need more clarity. rb
I keep coming back to Acadia Friends because they help me recognize and ap-preciate the beauty in imperfection. mt
I believe in the Presence in our midst, the power of two or three gathered together, and that in Meeting I am given direction for my life, how to act, how to be, how to heal, how to wait. cw
Friends Meeting is a place I can use and live Quaker values and can hear how these values impact others. It is a place of community with others who have the same concerns I do. lu


                   Friends do not have a creed
                            but they do follow
» There is that of God in everyone
» Continuing revelation
» Personal Experience of the light
» Transforming power of love

                      QUAKER TESTIMONIES
INTEGRITY—Be honest and fair in all your dealings, open and true in your relationships. Swear no oaths. Have no double standards.
PEACE—Seek justice and healing for all people. “Live in that life and power which takes away the occasion for war.”
EQUALITY—This follows from there being “That of God in everyone.” It leads to a non-hierarchical social structure, with plain language spoken, without deference to anyone.
SIMPLICITY—Live simply so that material things don’t get in the way. Right sharing of world resources is guided by the idea expressed as “Live simply that others may simply live.”
EARTHCARE—Walk on the Earth, our home in the vastness of space, with love and respect for the well-being of all others. Find simple joy in being alive, not consuming Earth’s bounty.
COMMUNITY—We support one another in our faith journeys, sharing and caring for each other in times of joy and sorrow.

                Acadia Friends Meeting (Quakers)
              PO Box 21, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
                            Cell 207/610-0555

                                                                   May 24, 2015