AFM Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

October 16, 2016

Home of Carol Woolman and Rich Bullock

Present: Rich Bullock, clerk, Carole Beal, Dean Booher, Mary Booher,
Jan Church, Steve Perrin, Eric Uberseder, Linda Uberseder, Carol

The meeting began with a few minutes of prayerful silence.


The Committee, which met on Sept. 20, recommends the following
distribution of assets from Meeting funds ($1200) and a bequest from
Peter Rees ($1000):

$600 to Catholic Charities

600 to China Camp

1000 to FCNL endowment for the new building

$500 from Meeting funds will be added to a maturing CD at BHS&L.

The Meeting has a balance of $263.60, part of which will be used for
our NEH quarterly rent.

Approved, with thanks


Archives are deposited with the Department of Special Collections and
University Archives (SCUA) at University of Massachusetts, Amherst,
MA. Six months will be used to create a 'model of understanding.'
After that, one employee will manage the archives.



Ed Snyder's memorial service on October 15, 2016 was held in a spirit
of deep love and gratitude. The day was sunny and cool, fall splendor
everywhere. Ed seemed still present with us. He was so good to us, a
model of a thoughtful, joyful, intelligent, profoundly spiritual man
who cared deeply about peace and justice in the world. He loved us
and we loved him. A man like him does not come around very often. We
are blessed that he lived among us. Many attenders were friends and
colleagues from Ed and Bonnie's days in Washington and Adelphi
Meeting. Special gratitude was expressed to the Evensong Singers, Amy
vanMeteren, and Mary Booher for performing Ed's favorite songs.
Additional favorite songs were contributed by Russell Snyder (while
PowerPoint slide show was shown.) FCNL photographs in the slide show
came from FCNL files and Acadia Friends photographs came from Steve
Perrin. Gratitude was expressed to all and to Rich Bullock for his
technical expertise in helping Will Snyder with the slide show.

The annual retreat held on October 8, 2016 was a beautiful warm day
under blue skies beside the ocean at the Bar Harbor Yacht Club.
Fourteen Friends explored their personal reflections on our Sunday
morning Worship. Later, each person shared with a partner and then
with the entire group. A delicious fall potluck was followed by music,
games, creating “God’s Eyes” and a web of shared characteristics.

Steve Perrin is preparing photographs of the Snyder family for the
website, the fourth Sunday potluck next week, and on a flash drive for
borrowing. Diane Randall donated ten FCNL photos for the meeting to


PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE (P&SJ) P&SJ met on October 10, 2016.

*On Sunday, Nov. 6, Steve Perrin will show a power point on his
personal credo at 10:45 after the Meeting for Worship.

*The Committee agreed to send their yearly appropriation, $100, to the
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) with specific notation on
the check that the funds are for the “AFSC Wabanaki Committee.”
Friends and Meetings are encouraged to support the excellent work of
Denise Altvater, the Wabanaki Program Director.

*The committee approved the acceptance of an invitation to have a
conference call with Jose Aguto and Emily Wirzba of Friends Committee
on National Legislation (FCNL) on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 in Gray’s
office at College of the Atlantic (COA.) The focus is an effort to
encourage conservative Maine citizens to join in the search for
climate solutions and to let Sen. Collins and Rep. Poliquin know of
this concern, especially among Republicans. Gray, Jan, Gordon and Gray
had a productive meeting with Jose and Emily.

*The Acadia Friends/COA joint committee on Peace and Social Justice
met on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at Carole Beal’s Bar Harbor home.
Gray provided pizza, chips, apples and cookies as the Bar Harbor
Community Dinner was cancelled. Five students as well as Gordon Lyman,
Gray and Carole attended. Gray gave a brief history of Quakers and
peace and social justice concerns including the present work of FCNL.
Climate issues were discussed. Of particular interest was creating a
relationship with the Maine Congressional Delegation regarding climate
issues. All agreed to meet for the conference call with Jose and
Emily. The next meeting of the committee will be on Thursday, Nov. 10,
2016 at the Community Dinner. The meeting closed with silent worship.

The report was accepted.


The fourth Sunday potluck on Oct. 23 will be held at Dean and Mary
Booher's home. Rich may show the photos of Ed’s life prepared for the
Memorial Service. Steve may show the 62 photos of Ed he sent to Rich
to include in the Memorial Service.

Judith Bradshaw Brown will show a video on Ashley Bryan's life during
the fourth Sunday potluck at Linda and Eric Uberseder’ home on Nov.26.



AFM has enjoyed the attendance of Purvis Michael Smith, newly arrived
in Southwest Harbor with a mission of helping Maine become a welcoming
place for minorities, especially black. It was noted that Ed Snyder
called himself a 'recovering racist.' Recently, NEYM passed a minute
on recovering from racism. See attachments from NEYM below.

Search for "Quaker Speak," a YouTube presentation by Ruth Flower. Ruth
worked with Ed at FCNL for many years and was with us for his Memorial
Service and Worship today.


Respectfully submitted,

Jan Church, Recorder for the Day