Acadia Friends Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business
Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor, Maine
March 19, 2016

Present were Gray Cox, Maretta Taylor, Steve Perrin, Carole Beal. Dean and Mary Booher, Judith Bradshaw Brown, Gordon Lyman, and Rich Bullock, clerk
The Meeting opened with Rich reading the following query:
”Are there areas where we could be including people that have not been previously involved?”
         1) get broader experience
         2) get new perspectives
         3) share the work load 
Responses included:
Inviting others for particular work of the Meeting.
The best participation is when involvement comes from a person’s particular interest (cross out “ly”in particularly)
In the ’60s many came to Quakers because of their (Quakers) involvement around the Viet Nam War. This may be another ‘moment’ when people may be drawn to Quakers and find a nurturing community.

Corrections, in red, to February 19 minutes were approved and are included here.
Acadia Friends Meeting for Business, Sunday, February 19, 2017

Present at the Meeting were Judith Bradshaw Brown, Mary and Dean Booher, Eric and Linda Uberseder, Steve Perrin, Carol Woolman, Rich Bullock, Carole Beal and Gordon Lyman

Query: In this political climate, what compassionate actions can I take. After silent reflection, the following comments were made:
“Listen fully and look the person in the eye.”
“Learn to recognize your face in those you judge.”
“Speak out and confront or find what we have in common and collaborate, not coerce.”

The minutes from the January 15, 2017 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report
Presently we have $1375.00 in the checking account plus $1000.00 from Ed Snyder's family ($300 from this has been paid for use of the building), and $2000.00 from Rachael C. Harper to be used for Peace and Social Justice purposes.

Of Ed's money, $300.00 will go to Hospice Care of Hancock County. $100.00 has been paid for the soloist. Other participating members do not want or need an honorarium. If money is given to any of these people and they wish to give it back to the meeting or request it be donated to another organization, that would be acceptable to the Meeting.

Outstanding expenses include $1300.00 for Quaker projects and $650.00 for local organizations totalling $1950.00 which needs to paid before June 30th. Dean has asked for direction for how to use the money.

There is $2651.00 in the savings account and $2040.00 in CDs. Surplus money at the end of each year goes into the savings account so we should be able to draw from savings if we need to. It is also time to solicit the membership and attendees. 

It was agreed Dean should move ahead and pay our obligations, taking money from savings where/if necessary.
The treasurers report was accepted.

Ministry and Nurturance
The committee met this week. They recommendedan articleby Robert Atchley called “Mystical Experience, the Bedrock of Quaker Faith," Friends Journal, February 2017.
The committee followed up on one attendee's comments on the Ashley Bryan movie. He feels it is one thing to discuss Ashley's work with audiences in Maine but wishes there was a mechanism for reaching inner-city school kids.
Sarah Corson has suggested we contact Island Readers and Writers to get Ashley's books and the movie out to Downeast and outer island Maine children. Another suggestion was to contact New York City schools. Beautiful Blackbird is going to NY schools. We could talk to Cynthia Lief through the Ashley Bryan Center on Little Cranberry Island to find out how to best distribute books. We could also contact Kristen Miller who is connected with Riverside Church (near Harlem) in NYC where a Friends Meeting meets. Also the 15th Street Meeting might be a good contact. Josh Ehrlich (from Bar Harbor) may know. Anne Axtmann is another good 15th Street Meeting connection. It would be nice to give these NYC Meetings a copy of the CD and one of Ashley's books.

A comment was made that many Americans know Spirituals only as American Folk Songs and it is time that effort is made to give credit to the African Americans who first brought these songs to light. Another friend commented that, originally, those songs weren't known or sung by many Americans until they became known as American Folk Songs. Now they are being properly acknowledged as Spirituals. She also said the music teachers here are reading with their students about Black musicians and their importance in the music world.

Carole Beal was thanked for updating the directory. If there are any corrections or you need a copy of the directory, please contact her at

We havefour people who would like to become members of the Meeting and will need Clearness. They are Judith Bradshaw Brown,Gordon Lyman, Bonnie Boisvert, and Anna Durand and her three children. Anna has asked if there were evening Meetings as she works on Sunday mornings. Tom Crikelair is interested inexploring this and has had conversation with Anna about the idea. 

The Ministry and Nurturance report was accepted.

Peace and Social Justice Report
A letter has gone out to Rachael C. Harper thanking her for her donation. The Meeting discussed possible ways in which to use the $2000.00. One suggestion was to have the entire amount donated to UNHCR. Another was to use some to bring a child from Harlem to MDI in the summer. Another was to use funds to purchase Ashley Bryan books and pair with Island Readers and Writers to distribute them or distribute books to inner city kids in NYC. Another idea was to donate some to Catholic Charities for refugee needs. A concern was expressed that a larger sum would be more beneficial to one organization than small amounts to many organizations. It was decided to gather for a potluck on 4th Sunday, Feb. 26th at Mary and Dean's house to further discuss this.

The Peace and Social Justice Committee met last Thursday night at COA. They are going to Poliquin's office this Thursday with a letter on climate change. They hope to get a meeting with him. Carole read the content of the letter which basically said that climate change will directly effect the economy of the state of Maine. Brandy Savage and Mark Konto are contacts for Poliquin's office. Many members of our Meeting have written letters of concern and editorials.
The committee is also concerned about the refugee status with the new governments policies. If the President cuts back on the number of refugees allowed here, Catholic Charities and organizations like them will have to greatly reduce staff. 
The Meeting stated they appreciate all this committee is doing (Steve, Carole, Gordon, Gray). The report was accepted.

Vassalboro Quarter
There was a good turn out. The Speaker was Hannah DeAngelis with Catholic Charities. She is concerned about halving the amount of immigrants accepted and for the 3 month ban on immigration. 
May 6th Vassalboro Quarter will be hosting the All Maine Gathering. It will be held at the Community Church in South China from 8:30 to 4:00. The topic is Racial Injustice. 
The report was accepted.

Our 4th Sunday potluck in January was at the Uberseders. The Meeting viewed “Cracking the Code” about what it is like to be a minority in America today. It was shown again at Carole Beal's house the following week in order to reach everyone in the Meeting.

4th Sunday potluck will be held Feb. 26th at Mary and Dean Booher's house. We will discuss how to use the $2000.00 we received from Rachael Harper.
4th Sunday potluck on March 26th will be held at Judith Bradshaw Brown's.

State of the Meeting
There will be a 2nd hour March 5th to discuss this and our response to the 4 queries sent out on the listserve. We hope to have the first draft done to present to Meeting on March 26th and a second reading April 2nd.

The Meeting would like to host a Sunday event for Anna and Bonnie on what it means to be a member of a Meeting.

It was mentioned Terry Anya Hayes would like to attend Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned

Communications committee will discuss how best to make corrections, if needed, to previous minutes. Customarily corrections are made by those attending Meeting for Business and before they are published.

Dean reported as treasurer;
Checking $207, savings $4651 (including the $2000 Carey gift), CD $2041.
In order not to dip into savings by the end of FY 2016-2017, Friends are reminded to be current with their contributions.
Report accepted.

Ministry and Nurturance report was given by Judith:
Clearness committees were held for Gordon Lymanand JudithBradshaw-Brown with the committees enthusiastically recommending membership for both. Ministry and Nurturance approved their recommendations as did Meeting for Business.
Suggestions were given to accommodate those interested in attending Meeting for Worship but unable to do so on Sunday morning. Suggestions included: a night Meeting and/or a different location. 
We (Business Meeting) agreed to have an evening worship group on Sunday in addition to the morning Meeting. There is interest from College of the Atlantic (COA) students. Gray will contact COA about worshipping on campus. Business Meeting will continue to be the third Sunday following morning worship.
The State of Society draft has been generated and will be presented for seasoning at the fourth Sunday potluck following Worship on March 26th at Judith Bradshaw Brown’s. If required, a second reading will be April 2.
Report was accepted.

Gray reported for Peace and Social Concerns.
Peace Award; updated posters and applications have been delivered to the high school. Due date for receiving nominations is May 3.
Several members of this committee have visited the offices of our Congress people with statements of their concerns on climate change, reducing fossil fuels and improving air quality.
Regarding the Rachel Carey Harper $2000 donation these are suggestions and information.
*UNHCR: United Nations work with refugees.
*Catholic Charities: Maine refugees and immigrants.
*Bikes for All Mainers: With additional funds, the program could be expanded to not only include male asylum seekers in Portland, but also provide training to immigrant women on how to ride a bike. The program offers training in bike safety, maintenance and repair and is taught in English. Upon completion the participants receive a donated bike, helmet, lock,and bike bag. <> Portland Gear Hub, , Portland, ME 04102 (Bikes for New Mainers on check.)
*Island Readers and Writers: Ashley Bryan books and documentary for Washington County children. Invite community to purchase his books at Sherman’s to donate to add to our own purchases for Maine and NY children. Donate on line or  (207) 244-5111
*Morningside Monthly Meeting at Riverside Church, Social Concerns Committee ( Manhatten/West th St) or Brooklyn Meeting (): Ashley Bryan books and documentary for schools where Ashley grew up. Mary Booher from Josh Erhlich.
*Mano en Mano, serving immigrant population raking blueberry harvest near Milbridge where many have joined the year round community. Mano en Mano has a summer camp funded by the Maine Dept. of Education for migratory children/youth only. They are raising funds for a summer program to include the remaining 50% of the Latino community in Milbridge and promoting interaction with children and families in immigrant and non immigrant community. Called Bosque de Nosotros/The Forest of Us, it will be a week long out door, experimental day camp with one overnight and a final picnic with families and children. They have applied for a grant with Maine Community Foundation for $7000 and are fundraising locally for remaining $7000. We discussed going to other churches on MDI and to raise money together with blueberry pie sales to raise awareness of Mano en Mano.Donations to <> or Mano en Mano (Hand in Hand),  (207) 546-3006. Bosque de Nosotros on check. Information from Sarah Emigh Doyle who contacted Ian Yaffe, the director. 
 Additional suggestions included giving $2000 in a newsworthy splash to inform the public of a worthy project such as Backyard Farms who hire refugees with health care to process their tomatoes and provide English lessons on campus. Do they provide housing? Or giving the money to empower a community, much as we are being empowered, with a donation.
 The committee recommended that at their next regular meeting, April 9, there will be a Meeting for Worship with this query, “How would the spirit lead me or give me direction for the best use of this money?” In the silence there will be space for the spirit to lead us forward. Approved.
These minutes were provided by Carole Beal, recorder for Peace and Social Justice.
Upcoming events:

March 20, Solstice gathering, 6:20AM on Ocean Drive in Acadia National Park followed by breakfast at the Boohers.
March 26, Fourth Sunday potluck at Judith's to consider the State of Society report.
April 2, Second hour following Worship; queries regarding AFM web presence.
April 9, Peace and Social Justice following worship. We will consider the query ”how would the spirit lead me or give me direction for the best use of the $2000 gift?”
April 23, fourth Sunday, Meeting for Worship for Business, (third Sunday is Easter)
     May 6, Vassalboro Quarterly Meeting will be at the Rufus Jones Church in China, Maine. Program will be ‘An Open-hearted Inquiry into Racial Identity’.

Abundant gratitude was expressed to Rich for his committed clerking over many years. He gave notice about concluding his service as clerk but without a date. A nominating committee will be appointed next month.

Thanks to the Boohers for hosting the Feb 26 potluck.

 Northwood Kenway, member of our Meeting since 2008, died on March 10, 2017. His service on March 18, was at St John’s in Southwest Harbor where he and wife, Rita, worshipped regularly. Music was important to him, especially organ music. Carol and Carole were both asked to speak. Friends contributed to and helped with the reception following the service.

Northwood’s daughter, Nancy, gave Carole a large landscape painting that was painted by her brotherJames Kenway. We hope to be able to hang it at Neighborhood House.

Meeting ended remembering Northwood and his presence in Acadia Friends.

Mary Booher
Recording Secretary