MARCH 2013  


 News from Friends of Kakamega 

Supporting the USFW-Kakamega Orphan Project 

 Welcome to the first edition of Kakamega Calling, a newsletter reporting and celebrating news from the Kakamega Care Centre and Orphan Project. 

 New Administrator Hits Ground Running 

In December, new administrator Maurice Selebwa joined the Care Centre staff. When he started, the Centre was humming with all the changes and responsibilities that come with the end and beginning of the Kenyan school year. While the tasks awaiting him were many and daunting, Maurice reports that he finds the joys of working with the children far outweigh the challenges of his job.   

 New School Year Begins at Care Centre 

In January, Kenya's school year begins, and the Care Centre children came back from Christmas break with their guardians, bubbling over with happiness to be back with each other and ready to meet the challenges of their new grade levels in new uniforms. As four 8th graders "graduated" from the Care Centre in December, four new children were brought in to take their places.       

8th Grade Graduates Accepted to High Schools 

 In February, 8th grade graduates across Kenya finally received their anxiously awaited KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam results and then waited to hear which high schools offered them places. Placements are determined by KCPE scores and are highly competitive. We are happy and proud to announce that 16 of our students were accepted into residential high schools, and we found sponsorship funds so that each is able to go.  When asked how he felt when he got his scores, Collins replied, "I was very glad when I received the news that I had done the best. I started running here and there like a confused person with joy. It was the best moment in my life time."   Clara said, "When I got my results I jumped up very fast like a frog, and I started thanking God."  Many thanks to the sponsors who are taking these young people forward!                      

 Allan Ndombi Achieves Highest Level in Kenya 

Allan Ndombi, a home-based boy sponsored by the program, received the highest score in the region on his KCPE, winning him a place at Starehe Boys Centre, a prestigious national high school in Nairobi. He received a full tuition scholarship ,For a boy who grew up, an indication  that the Kenyan government sees him as a  potential leader and wants him to receive the best education the country offers. For a boy who grew up in a three room house with a dirt floor, this was a dream beyond imagining and cause for much joy and celebration.                                                                           

First Year Students Prepare for High School 

As students were accepted to high schools, the Great Shopping began, and Care Centre staff took them to 

town to buy uniforms, shoes, mattresses, bedding, books, stationery, wash basins, and footlockers. It is overwhelming for these children, who have never had any money of their own, to see all these things purchased for them. As Tylence put it, "I am very glad for the shopping, and I say thank you for it would have been difficult for me to get such a huge shopping from our humble family.  Now I can feel like other girls at school."                

We, too, thank God and all the sponsors who make education possible for these children. The children are very 

aware that there are Americans on the other side of the world who want to help them achieve better lives, and that knowledge inspires them to work harder to live up to our hopes for them. 

 WISH LISTDonations of the following needed:-

 digital camera that charges by electricity/connects to computer, needed by April 15 to send with visitor  - flat sheets for twin beds- towels (used/good condition or new)- fleeces for children aged 6-18- lightweight sweaters for children aged 6-18- thin jackets for children aged 6-18 

 If you can donate any of these, please contact: . 

Asante sanaFriends of Kakamega   

51 Hunter Road   Freeport, ME 04032 


Judith Bradshaw Brown, Ed.D. 

Director of Education 

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Phone: (207) 288-5126 

FAX: (207) 288-2725