Acadia Friends Meeting for Business
6th Month 19th day, 2016

Clerk Richard Bullock opened meeting at 10:25 am. Present were Linda and Eric Uberseder, Carole Beal, Dean Booher, Ed Snyder, Carol Woolman, Rich Bullock and Mary Booher.

Minutes of the May 2016 Monthly Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report was approved.  Dean reported that one person was supported by the Meeting for Friends Camp this year. ($200).  

Christian Peacemaker Team – they work in dangerous areas.  They accompany people who oppose governmental policy and other controversial areas such as environmental issue.

Carole proposed we give YES magazine to a student who nominates the Peace Award winner.  Cassidy Parady was the winner of the Peace Award for 2016, presented by Carol Woolman on June 1.  She was nomimated by a student.  The Meeting approved a subscription for the MDIHS Faculty Room or Library.  Carole will ask Ian Braun at MDIHS about how best to donate the YES magazine to MDIHS for faculty use. Dean will wait for definite word about this proposal from Carole Beal before ordering the subscription for faculty.

Meeting considered how to spend the $1000 contribution from Peter Rees’s Estate.
Ed Snyder mentioned FCNL capital program as a possible place to contribute.  If a donation is made by June 30 it will be doubled.  The sense was that Meeting is not ready to decide where to contribute the bequest from Peter Rees’s Estate.

New Business:  Linda Uberseder asked on behalf of the Portagers if AFM would like to collaborate with the the Portagers in a talk  about the Penobscot River, a movie and a discussion with Native Americans about the river in the fall.  COA may collaborate, also.  Meeting approved our involvement in the fall.

Peace and Social Justice report was approved.

Ministry and Nurturance:  Carole Beal reported.  We reviewed all suggestions from the questionnaire that was distributed to members and attenders asking for suggestions for improvement and deepening of our ministry and worship.  From reviewing the responses to the questionnaire, Ministry and Nurturance plans to implement two suggestions:  1. a basket will be placed on the Meeting table with quotes for members and attenders to take as they enter to read, meditate on,  or take home.  We invite you to send your quotes of approximately 3-5 sentences at most to Mac Bigelow.  His email address is (
2. Ministry and Nurturance recommends a second hour that would be designated for sharing the experience of worship and listening to the experiences others have in worship.  Some Friends would like to hear each other respond to certain queries:
How do you prepare for Worship?
How do you listen to messages?
How do you decide to speak?
How do you discern a leading for yourself?
Have you ever left worship and acted according to a leading, took an
action or had a changed perception or feeling?
Other suggestions included opportunities to watch films, read books or
pamphlets and engage in dialogue regarding them. Fall and winter are
suggested times for these activities.

October 8th is the date suggested for the AFM Fall Retreat.  Dean will pursue the availability of the BHYC on that date. We will plan to have a discussion of Friends’ experience of worship at this retreat, taking into consideration the responses to M&N’s recent questionnaire.

Meeting accepted M&N ‘s report.

Linda suggested a walk from Thuya to Asticou on the 26th of June.  Bring a bag lunch.  Cars will be in both places.  Also, the bus will be running on that day.

July 24th propose going to Hunter’s Beach from Rt. 3 in Seal Harbor.  Bring brown bag lunch and a walking stick.

August 28 - Walk from Seal Harbor through Rockefeller Garden past Little Long Pond to Jordan Pond and take the bus back to the cars in NEH.

Committee of the Whole for naming Officers and Committees and point persons for the next fiscal year

Peace and Social Justice – make decision about clerk at first meeting at fall
Treasurer and Finance - Dean and Rich
M&N – Carole Beal, Carol Woolman, Mac Bigelow, Judith Bradshaw Brown, and Jan Church.
Fellowship and Outreach – Linda Uberseder, Eric Uberseder, Dianne Lytle, Carole Beale.
Clerk – Rich Bullock agreed to continue.  The position of Assistant Clerk is to be explored and named as way opens.
Recording Clerk – Mary Booher will continue when she is here.  During Jan. and Feb. Linda Uberseder will act as Recording Clerk.
Recorder (archivist) - Mary Booher agreed to continue as Recorder.  Mary will do the stats and file reports to New England Yearly Meeting  

Communications –self appointed
MCMPP, FCNL, VQM – self selected
Omit Spiritual Education and Library
Linda has curriculum materials for our use should children come to Meeting when and if needed.

“How many would take a turn at Clerk for a monthly meeting?”  Mary Booher asked.
Rich spoke to the advantage of having a consistent clerk for doing the business of the Meeting. Problem:  Handling the mail is a problem for him to distribute.
Ed Snyder suggested a single clerk with an assistant named to substitute if Rich were absent.  
Carole stated the importance of handling memorial services which Rich has done well.
Mary Booher commented favorably on the initial queries Rich brings to meeting.
Ed commented favorable on Rich’s clerking.

Adjourned 11:40 am

Carol Woolman
Acting Recording Clerk