Acadia Friends Meeting for Worship for Business

January 15, 2016 at Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor, Maine

Present: Richard Bullock, Clerk, Gray Cox, Gordon Lyman, Jan Church, Steve Perrin, Michael Smith, and Carol Woolman

Minutes of the November Monthly Meeting for Business were approved. Treasurer’s Report: Dean Booher is away for several months. No report.

A gift of $2000 was given each monthly meeting in New England by Rachel Carey- Harper of East Dennis, MA. Our meeting is seasoning what to do with this money. One idea considered today was to donate Ashley Bryan’s books and DVD to an inner city school in New York City. Carol Woolman will confer with Sarah Corson about the possibilities and logistics of doing this and report back to the Meeting.

Peace and Social Justice: Gray Cox, Clerk, reported on coming events:

  1. Climate change talk by Steve Perrin on Jan. 24 at noon at the Conference

    Room in ANP Headquarters at McFarland’s Hill.

  2. Potluck at Uberseders’ home on Norway Drive, January 22 after Meeting.

    DVD for Dialogue and Learning: “Cracking the Codes, the System of Racial

    Inequality” will be shown.

Issue of the threatened repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act: Carole Beal’s letter to the editor on this issue was circulated via listserv. Four Friends visited the Maine congressional delegation offices in Bangor and presented compelling personal and passionate points to staff members for Senators Collins and King and Congressman Poliquin on January 12, 2017. One of the main concerns they expressed is no repeal without replacement of this system in place that insures 20 million people. Meeting recognizes the careful presentation to the congressional delegation by Carole Beal, Ken Perrin, Gordon, Lyman and Sarah Emigh-Doyle.

P&SJ wants to follow up with FCNL on climate change.

Discussion: ways Friends can be directly involved with libraries and schools in New York City or on MDI. How can we be most effective in giving books and DVD by Ashley Bryan to local schools or inner city schools? Who can shepherd these gifts so teachers and students have the best chance of getting the benefit from them? Jan Church suggested that the inquiries go through the five MDI and Trenton principals. Ashley Bryan came from Harlem and was raised in the Bronx (New York City). What are our contacts in these areas? What has already been done?

Carol Woolman will ask Ashley’s friend Sarah Corson for guidance. Ashley has been in the hospital recently. Carol will find out if he is able and wishes to participate in this effort. Michael Smith voiced his opinion that the books should go to an inner city school. He and Carol agreed to collaborate and bring more information back to

Meeting. Carol will send inquiries to contacts in NYC for assistance and information about giving Ashley’s books and/or DVD to a school or library there.
Other timely issues that will keep this subject before us are Black History Month in February and movement Black Lives Matter. Gray asked Friends to consider possible ongoing efforts that allow us to become more connected and learn more in the area of race relations, something beyond a gift of books: e.g., start a scholarship for an inner city black child to come to Summer Festival of the Arts (SFOA) or have a visiting artist from Harlem come to visit MDI.

Gordon Lyman and Sarah Emigh-Doyle traveled to Woolman Hill Conference Center for a 2 1⁄2 day conference on the subject of “Home” over the weekend of January 6,7,8, 2017. Meeting helped with some of their expenses. Gordon reported that the conference started each day with Meeting for Worship and then had 2-3 workshops on the topic. There was “lots of free time” to talk, do puzzles, listen to poetry, sit by the woodstove, drink tea and hot chocolate. Singing was an enjoyable part of the event. About 44 attended, not all for the entire event. The age range was for 18-35 year old adults. Gordon reported that they had a wonderful time, felt at home and comfortable. What is our home, physical, and spiritual? When we travel how do we bring home with us? (Best wishes to our traveling Friends Dean and Mary Booher!)

Rich Bullock presented the Ministry and Nurturance Report. They met on January 11, 2017 at the Bullock-Woolman home. Queries sent to us by NEYM will be used as a basis for our State of the Society report. M&N will mail them on February 12. March 5 we will discuss the responses to the queries and record them. On March 26 the first draft will be read at Meeting. On April 2, the second reading, if necessary, will take place. Then the State of the Society report will be sent to NEYM.

Here is a sneak peek at the queries:
What are we grateful for?
What gifts of grace have we experienced in the last year in the life of our Meeting? Where are we more open to learning, growing, serving in the wider community? What unfed hungers do we feel in our community?
How is Meeting being led to do the work of the spirit?

Ministry and Nurturance will meet on the second Wednesday morning of each month at 10:15 am.

Gray will attend the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017. He asked that attenders of the March take photos with them to include more people. He also asked that people who wish to donate to Planned Parenthood may do so through him or through Planned Parenthood directly to earn money for a pledge of so much per mile traveled (1400) and/or 20 football fields marched. (for example, if you contribute a penny a mile="$14" and a dollar per football field="$20" for a total of $34.)

In friendship,
Carol Woolman, Acting Recording Clerk

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